libsuit  0.1.1
SFML User Interface Toolkit
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NuiThe namespace of SUIT
 CActionAn action that can be triggered by different controls
 CActionSetA set of actions
 CAreaAn area on the window that contains widgets
 CBinA widget with a single child
 CButtonA button widget
 CCloseControlA close control
 CContainerA widget that contains several other widgets
 CControlA physical control
 CDebugVisitorA visitor to draw a debug view of the widgets
 CFormA form widget
 CGamepadAxisControlA gamepad axis control
 CGamepadButtonControlA gamepad button control
 CGeometryThe geometry of a widget
 CHBoxA horizontal box
 CKeyControlA key control
 CLabelA label widget
 CLeafA leaf widget
 CMouseButtonControlA mouse button control
 CSelectA select widget
 CStackA stack widget
 CStandardActionSetThe standard action set
 CTableA table widget
 CToggleA toggle widget
 CVBoxA vertical box
 CVideoConfigWidgetA video configuration widget
 CWidgetAn element of the graphical interface
 CWidgetVisitorA widget visitor