libtmx  0.4.0
an C++11 library for reading TMX files
Class Hierarchy

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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Ctmx::AdaptorAn adaptor to get raw pointer from a unique pointer
 Ctmx::CellA cell is a square on a map layer that is filled with a tile
 Ctmx::ComponentA base class for classes that have properties
 Ctmx::LayerA layer is a layer in the whole map
 Ctmx::ImageLayerAn image layer is a layer with a single image
 Ctmx::ObjectLayerAn object layer is a layers composed of objects
 Ctmx::TileLayerA tile layer is a layer with tiles in cells
 Ctmx::MapA map is a set of tilesets and a set of different layers
 Ctmx::ObjectAn object is a geometrical object
 Ctmx::BoxedA boxed object is a geometrical object that is defined by a box
 Ctmx::EllipseAn ellipse is a geometrical object
 Ctmx::RectangleA rectangle is a geometrical object
 Ctmx::ChainA chain is a base class for lines with multiple points
 Ctmx::PolygonA polygon is a closed set of lines
 Ctmx::PolylineA polyline is an open set of lines
 Ctmx::TileObjectA tile object is an image put in the map
 Ctmx::TerrainA terrain describes a kind of terrain on the map
 Ctmx::TileA tile is a rectangular part of a tileset
 Ctmx::TileSetA tileset is a set of tiles in a single file (image or TSX file)
 Ctmx::ImageAn image is an image file on the system
 Ctmx::LayerVisitorA layer visitor is a visitor for layers in the visitor pattern
 Ctmx::RectA rectangle representing the portion of an image
 Ctmx::SizeA size of an image
 Ctmx::Vector2iA vector of signed integers
 Ctmx::Vector2uA vector of unsigned integers